*If you are participating in any of our Water Sports activities please download, print and fill out our waiver, then bring the signed waiver with you.*


Anything you want to stand on, we got!

At Lakeview Marina, our professional drivers/instructors are confident that they can get you up on any of our top of the line watersports equipment.

Our competition boats can pull you out of the water with ease and cruise at the perfect speed for your skill level. Please arrive 20 minutes early for your reservation to size your equipment and get your group on the boat on time.

8 or less adults is $180 per hour for the group.(8 Max).

Pricing includes your driver/instructor, wakeboards, waterskis, tubes, wakesurf, ZUP board and air chair.

Call Lakeview Marina at (973)663-2935 for your reservation now!



If water skiing is your thing, we have every type of water ski.

We have Slalom ski, combo skis, trick skis and oversized skis to help beginners pop right out of the water.



We have 5 wakeboarding/ wakesurf boats.

We have beginner and professional wakeboards/wakesurf boards.

You choose according to your abilities. Sizes for all ages.



Wakesurfing at Lakeview Marina is one of the hottest watersports out there.

Wakesurfing is one of the safest and challenging watersports that has taken over the industry.

If you're a surfer you will be a natural!




Tubing is great for people of all ages. Take a relaxing cruise around the lake or challenge yourself with a wild ride.

Steve's new design allows the rider to stand or kneel on the tube while being towed by the boat.




Air Chair is a relatively new type of water sport activity and most people don’t even know what it is.
This water sport is extremely unique, instead of riding on top of the water like with skiing or wakeboarding, you ride over the water; like your floating in the air.




ZUP.™ is a fresh easy way to have fun with all of your family & friends. What can you do? lay, kneel, stand, surf, rest, ride backwards, be creative! With your buoyant, durable molded board, everyone getZUP.™ Pull it behind any boat or jetski! Enjoy stress-free towing with the integrated tow hook and our new DoubleZUP.™ Tow Handle & Rope