Lakeview Marina

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*Reservations required on weekends.

Spend a few hours--or all day--peddling on Lake Hopatcong, catch some rays, and discover the natural beauty of the lake.
$60 for 2 hours
$70 for 4 hours
$90 for 8 hours
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the coolest toys that can only be found at lakeview marina

What is zup?

ZUP.™ is a fresh easy way to have fun with all of your family & friends. What can you do? lay, kneel, stand, surf, rest, ride backwards, be creative! With your buoyant, durable molded board, everyone getZUP.™ Pull it behind any boat or jetski! Enjoy stress-free towing with the integrated tow hook and our new DoubleZUP.™ Tow Handle & Rope

air chair

Sky Ski is where someone is sitting on a Hydrofoil, and flying above the water on a seat. Air Chair is a relatively new type of water sport activity and most people don’t even know what it is. This water sport is extremely unique, instead of riding on top of the water like with skiing or wakeboarding, you ride over the water; like your floating in the air.

virtual ride

Want to know about the Air Chair? Check out the video. Learn More

Please call Steve in advance to confirm pricing and make reservations. 973-663-2935 Open 7 Days A Week/8am to 7pm
2 South Beach Rd. Lake Hopatcong - Steve Halperin, Owner